The History of Sapphire Valley

Sapphire VAlley Historical Society

Sapphire Valley’s historical treasures go beyond the structures built in the early years in our valley, the artifacts from early farming, golfing, and even moonshining!

Our treasures include our beautiful valley, the green spaces we all enjoy, hiking trails and spectacular vistas, and the stories every resident and visitor create from experiencing Sapphire Valley.

1800's - 1954

Early History




In Sapphire Valley

A to Z: Antiques to Zip Lines, Sapphire Valley has it all.

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Mission Statement

Defined: The mission of the Sapphire Valley Historical Society is to advance the understanding, appreciation, preservation and restoration of anything of historical value to Sapphire Valley through...

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Sapphire valley historical Society

Large corporations like CertainTeed, Fairfield Communities, and Wyndham discover Sapphire Valley...

A retiring Georgia-Pacific executive after spending many years in Highlands, wanted to create a special resort for this friends...(known today asSapphire Valley Resort and the Country Club of Sapphire Valley)


The Resort is Born

From the early 1800's until the mid-20th century, the Sapphire Valley area had a gold rush, moonshiners, and more...