The History of Sapphire Valley

Sapphire VAlley Historical Society

Obtain, Protect, and Promote

Sapphire Valley’s Historical Treasures

Dialog: Sapphire Valley’s historical treasures go beyond the structures built in the early years in our valley, the artifacts from early farming, golfing, and even moonshining! Our treasures include our beautiful valley, the green spaces we all enjoy, hiking trails and spectacular vistas, and the stories every resident and visitor create from experiencing Sapphire Valley.

Defined: The mission of the Sapphire Valley Historical Society is to advance the understanding, appreciation, preservation and restoration of anything of historical value to Sapphire Valley through:

The collection, preservation, restoration, exhibition and archiving of artifacts and documents related to the founding and continuing evolution of Sapphire Valley

  • The restoration and preservation of landmarks, buildings and sites that exemplify Sapphire Valley’s historically heritage
  • The development and presentation of educational, entertainment and social programs that highlight significant aspects of Sapphire Valley’s history as a destination for northern industrialist in the 1800’s and early 1900’s,  Captains of Industry from the 1940’s and 1950’s, and as second homes and vacations destinations in the most recent years
  • The researching, drafting and publication of historic or new articles, journals, books or newsletters, and the development and production of audio and/or video recordings that document life, now and then, in Sapphire Valley
  •  Close coordination with the Sapphire Valley Master Association (SMVA) and the Cashiers Historical Society (CHS) to offer supporting programs and supporting fund raising

Our Mission