The History of Sapphire Valley

Sapphire VAlley Historical Society

SVHS Projects

Potential projects in Sapphire Valley

  • Partner with the Sapphire Valley Master Associate for the observance of
    Sapphire Valley's 60th  Anniversary

  • Begin the capture and documentation of the history of Sapphire Valley
    as related from those who worked, lived and played here
    - starting with
    digitizing all available pictures and images of Sapphire Valley

    [View or Selection Gallery Here]

  • Partner with Camp Merrie Woode for the restoration and preservation
    of the old Wishing Well / Carved Stone Basin at the old Inn Site
    [View our Progress Gallery and Press Releases Here]

  • Assist in any way to procure the historic farmhouse, built in 1896 and
    formerly operated as the Library Lounge
  • Evaluate the feasibility of a restaurant group operating the ‘Historic Farmhouse and Library Club’ as an ongoing dining experience, or, special events destination location
  • Continue dialog with key Sapphire Valley property owners about the SV-HS preservation efforts
  • Develop supporting processes and procedures with the SVMA and CHS
  • Highway 64 Green Space, Signage  and Landscaping Development
  • Obtain additional historical artifacts for protection and promotion
  • Develop a rolling five year plan
  • Conduct a series of educational events in concert the SVMA and CHS